GENI Workshop 2018 Program


The workshop will be held in the Woodward Hall of Gatton College of Business and Economics (Room 307).

You can download the pdf file of the program here.

The documents/links for the tutorial can be found below:
  1. Introduction to GENI Slides
  2. Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) Slides
  3. Chameleon: Experimental Platform for Cloud Computing Research Slides
  4. Networking Research at the University of Kentucky: VIP Lanes and NetSecOps Slides
  5. Experience with Large-scale Science on GENI Slides
  6. My First GENI Experiment Instructions and Slides
  7. Introduction to SDN
  8. Advanced SDN
  9. Hadoop on GENI
The schedule/program for the summer camp (May 15 - 18) can be found by clicking on "Summer Camp" on top of this page.